Saturday, 2 May 2009


A site developed by Cornerstone Information Solutions is

The website will earn money through displaying Google adverts and through affiliate marketing and is a blend of Cornerstone's website delivery services merged with Internet Marketing.

I've built this up over the last 2 months and there are well over 250 pages through the site.

The site is dedicated to flags and the study of them (vexillology).

Every country in the world is represented here are 2 examples:
United Kingdom -

Also there are various pieces of information about each country, these are summarised for every country of the world in these following pages:
Area in km2 and continent -
Populations and capitals -
A-Z/Sitemap -
Currencies -
ISO codes -
Languages -
Religions -

Why not give this site a try, it's ideal for geography lessons and research into the countries of the world.

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