Sunday, 3 May 2009

Why run a competition on your website?

Find new readers
The most important reason for a competition is to find new website visitors. The hope is that the lure of prizes will draw readers in and that those new readers will like what they see and keep visiting. Websites can find new visitors through a competition, this is only part of the story though, as the website has to be sufficiently engaging to entice people to want to revisit.

Reward regular visitors
As websites pick up a larger customer base a competition is an opportunity to reward the most dedicated of readers, those who visit every new article.
It’s easy to take these readers for granted - and a competition can be a way of giving a little something back and giving the readers you already have a little incentive to keep coming back for more.

Increase visitor participation
A regular competition will give visitors the opportunity to become increasingly participative with the website, as opposed to just visiting the website and consuming content.

Visitors click on other pages
Depending upon the type of competition that you run, the competition could be a method to increase the pages viewed by readers. Asking readers to comment to enter or sending visitors on a treasure hunt through other pages to find hidden answers are two examples of this.

Gives the Cornerstone Website a feeling of life and vibrancy
A competition would give visitors a level of interest and a feeling that the website is alive and breathing and definitely a place worthy of revisiting.

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